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Get your flight status live – Flight tracking in real-time


This easy to use flight status tracker allows you to monitor a flight of your interest by utilizing radar, with all the relevant flight status data provided to you in a convenient format. Simply open the flight status tracker in a browser, pick a flight and receive the flight status information in a separate window by clicking on the plane icon. Looking up the flight status of a particular aircraft with this application is very intuitive.

The flight status is updated in real-time, making this tool not only fun to use, but also very helpful and informative. Get to know precisely where your friend or family member is located at this very moment. You’ll also be able to see where the airplane is heading towards and how long the distance it has already travelled is, along with many other details. What’s more is that you can use this flight tracker to check your airplane’s flight status completely free of charge and without having to register first!


llll➤ With quick and easy flight status checks you’ll never miss out


You have friends or family on vacation and want to know how they are doing? See the location of their airplane with the help of this flight status tracker and get additional information on further flights currently conducted. Never miss out or be late again – thanks to flight status tracking you’ll always be informed about the current flight status and pay attention to arrival dates so that you can meet your loved ones or your business partners just in time. And if there is a delay or a flight was cancelled, you will know ahead of time, which is very useful if the contact with the person you’re about to meet is suddenly interrupted or if you are very busy.


llll➤ Our radar gives you all the interesting flight status information


Try this tool and be amazed at all the flight routes our free radar can reveal to you, giving you a glimpse of just how many airplanes are making their travels as we’re speaking. However, flight status data is more than just the location of an airplane: You’ll also receive information on airplane altitude, speed, position, average flight time, how many kilometers have already been travelled and what distance is left to cover for the flight in order to arrive at its destination. To complete the list of all that which is relevant with regards to flight status, you will also receive information on the types of aircraft on the radar.



llll➤ Make the most out of the tracker’s flight status data


For a view on the global situation, zoom out as far as you can. It is not recommended if you want to track a specific airplane, though, as it will be harder to find. If tracking a specific one is your objective, we advise you to zoom in. Another possibility is to look it up by typing in its particular flight number or to zoom in on the airport of departure.

Be reminded that you can check the flight status of a single aircraft, but you’re not limited to one. You can look up the flight status of as many airplanes as you wish! Thus you can watch the busy flight schedule of a big airport or monitor a smaller airport’s everyday business while doing work at your office – the functions of this flight status tracking application allow for maximum flexibility and adjustment to particular time management needs, private and professional ones alike.


llll➤ Flight status trackers serve many purposes


Whether you play around, keep your eyes on a single flight or observe what’s going on in the sky above you – flight status tracking can be utilized for both personal pleasure as well as convenience, as a practical tool or as a toy to have fun with. Or maybe you’re just curous about an aircraft you noticed flying above? Discover what you can do with our flight status tracker by trying it out now!

Better yet that no software needs to be purchased in order to observe the minute-to-minute departures of pilots all around the globe. Neither any registration. The flight status of all the radar-detected airplanes (or helicopters), both commercial and private, is updated instantaneously – in real-time. With flight status tracking you’ll keep at a pace perfectly synchronized with the quick workings of our contemporary world, no matter if you’re tracking the flight status at home or using a mobile device of your choice to do so.


 llll➤ Drone pilots also use flight status tracking by radar


In order to incrase airspace safety and to prevent accidents, drone pilots prefer to check the current flight status in the areas where they plan to launch a drone by utilizing flight status tracking tools based on radar such as this one. If you’re owner of a drone and you prepare for its flight, make sure that you comply with all the legal regulations governing the use of drones, not surpassing 120 meters of altitude and avoiding no-fly zones, such as those which can be found around airports.


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