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What is Plane Finder

Everybody who always wanted to take the role of an air traffic controller, should take a very close look at Plane finder. Plane finder is a fun and thrilling online tool that can be used to monitor flight traffic in real time.
That way, users can see how the aircraft of the arriving business contact is having an unplanned stop-over in Munich, or if the new Airbus A380 is just flying over their little town, going from New York to Moscow.

It can be enormously interesting to watch how many flights are being operated across the globe, especially on the main airports like Frankfurt, London Heathrow or Berlin Tegel. Another interesting facette of the information is about the short break during night hours – when do no planes fly? Now you can find out easily on plane finder.


llll➤ How to use Plane Finder


The Plane Finder online tool handling is pretty intuitive. On an integrated map the user can choose zoom factors, details etc. to get an overview about all the moving aircraft in the area he or she is looking at. When the User clicks an aircraft on the plane finder map, details about that flight are being displayed in a user-friendly and intuitive format.

The information contains airline, aircraft type, flight number, origin and destination airport, height and air speed. Additionally, the route of the aircraft is being displayed on the plane finder map. The respective origin and destination airports are being marked as well.


llll➤ How does Plane Finder work


Plane finder uses ADS-B. The transmission of flight data on the plane finder platform is based on a technical standard named ADS-B. Today, at least sicty per cent of all passenger aircraft are equipped with an ADS-B transponder. Thus, they can be pinpointed on a plane finder online map. In Europe, the number of aircraft equipped with an ADS-B transponder is roughly double the number than in the United States, making Plane finder a little more informative in the european region.

By the way: military aircraft and private jets are not equipped with an ADS-B transponder and can thus not be tracked by plane finder. This ensures that plane finder can not be used as an espionnage tool. Nevertheless, for plane finder users who are enthusiastic about flight topics and aircraft information as well as generally intereseted in technical information, plane finder offers many hours of great fun and information.


llll➤ How does ADS-B work?


The technical standard known as ADS-B that is used on the plane finder platform is an acronym for Automatic Dependet Surveillance – Broadcast. It is a System used for air traffic control.

The aircraft are autonomously pinpointing their own location (for example with a satellite navigation system such as GPS or GLONASS). The position and other flight data like flight number, aircraft type, time signal and direction of flight are constantly – typically once per second – transmitted via 1090 MHz. That´s why the method is classified as broadcast. Plane finder uses this broadcast to show the information.

Flight control is receiving the data of all air traffic and is preprocessing it graphically for the use of platforms such as plane finder.

The data is then being transmitted via ADS-B in (for INPUT) to all the aircraft, so pilots and crew can get better insights into the air traffic around them. They´re not using plane finder though, but systems such as Cockpit Display of Traffic Information (CDTI).

The range for ADS-b broadcast is typically around 200 nautical miles (about 370 kilometers) for receiving stations on the ground.


llll➤ How does plane finder use ADS-B


Plane finder uses so called radarspotting to receive the transmitted signals from the ADS-B transponders to offer them on the internet. Plane finder is using thousands of ADS-B receivers to collect the data and is thus able to cover about 90 per cent of the european air space as well as parts of North America, Australia and the Middle East.

The display of the data is not always in real time: because of regulations by the FAA, plane finder has to add a delay of 5 minutes, especially in north american air space. Most other flights, especially in Europe (those for which plane finder uses ADS-B receivers) can be displayed in real time.


llll➤ What else can Plane Finder do


If users are waiting for colleagues or love ones to arrive at the airport there is usually just one thing to do: watch the flight board at the airport. With plane finder users can watch all the planes coming into the airport they´re waiting at and keep an eye on the flight that they´re waiting for at the same time.
This gives the user the power to know when a flight will be late, or early – if they know that the flight will be early they can leave home a little earlier and surprise the ones they pick up with a timely and astonishingly punctual pick up.


plane finder

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